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Dr. Justin Bral

Dr. Justin Bral graduated from Yeshiva University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a focus on preMed studies. He achieved his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the NYU College of Dentistry. Thereafter he completed a General Practitioner Residency at a state-of-the-art clinic in Brooklyn, NY. He focused on cases that merged Cosmetic Dentistry with Implantology. After years of passionate work in this field - and years of continued education focusing on implantology, Dr. Bral became a recognized fellow of the New York Implant Institute.

Dr. Bral has lived on Long Island his whole life and feels very connected to the local community.

He created “Affordable Dental Implants of Long Island” with a specific vision in mind to help people afford high quality dentistry. In this light, Dr. Bral has helped hundreds of patients afford dental implant care and dental cosmetic care such as veneers. Dr. Bral has also eliminated many of the costs associated with big business and chain dentistry. As a result, his patients not only enjoy lower prices but more personalized and attentive care.

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