Real Patient Reviews

Jennifer C.
15:50 28 Jun 24
Very happy with the staff here. They are super nice and helpful. Came here for my free consultation for an implant, super excited to get this process started with Dr. Just !!
17:07 12 Feb 23
DR. BRAL is amazing! I got an implant done and it was amazing! He did a great Job! Affordable and works with you.
Linda M.
20:19 08 Feb 23
Dr. Bral did a fabulous job on my implant. Everyone in the office is wonderful and my tooth looks great!
13:55 15 Sep 22
I got two implants and a crown with dr. Bral. They're in a cosmetic site and they look fabulous! They feel so much better than my old bridge! Thank you Dr Bral ❣
Joanna F.
15:59 09 Apr 22
Dr Bral did one implant for me and four for my husband I have to say very fair in price and takes his time with his patiences. I have referred him to a few family members and friends and everybody has been happy with his services. Clean office and friendly staff happy I was able to find him and has worked with me on prices. He has also called the next day to make sure that everything was fine and to check up and see how we are feeling which is very important to me. Thank you Dr Bral for making our teeth beautiful again!!!
susan W.
18:32 08 Apr 22
I was so lucky to have found Dr Bral. I had lost many teeth I needed multiple implants. I was scared to death. I had gone to other oral surgeons /Dentists and they were very vague in their plan . Dr Bral was very clear. He helped me make a plan., talked about how much it would cost, offered financing options.Once I was comfortable with the plan I had my implants completed. The day I was to have my implants started there was a terrible storm with trees down.Dr Bral was there for me ! He and his staff were so kind, professional and caring. Everyone worked to make me comfortable and feel confident. I had my final implants placed in October 2021, and I could not be happier! Sometimes I forget which are my real teeth and which are the implants. Thank you Dr Bral and Staff!
Lauren J.
18:29 08 Apr 22
Love Dr Bral! I’ve had my implant for about a year now and no problems at all with it. He is so kind and gentle!
Jahaydee R.
18:13 08 Apr 22
I LOVE DR BRAL!!!!! I love his office, his service and his wonderful personality. I would recommend this dental office for anyone seeking a professional who cares, and who offers great service. Office is clean and has welcoming staff
Temis C.
17:03 08 Apr 22
Dr Bral is wonderful! Highly recommended!
Mauricio L.
19:40 05 Mar 22
Today I went in for implant placement. Everyone in the office is super nice and caring, which immediately made me less nervous. A little numbing gel and a small injection. The procedure was done in very little time, with no pain whatsoever!
Britmii03 A.
19:15 05 Mar 22
It is a very good idea, health is above all else and this method helps to improve hygiene
Ricardo M.
19:05 05 Mar 22
My implant crowns are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Dr. Bral is a skilled dental surgeon with excellent chair-side manner. Price was very affordable!
Wilmer Pillasagua D.
18:41 05 Mar 22
Great place for implants. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. I have never had any trouble when following Dr Bral’s instructions.
Gemis G.
18:39 05 Mar 22
The BEST DENTAL OFFICE EVER!!! From the first exam to getting new teeth, Dr Bral has to be the most thorough, perfectionist and caring dentist I've ever known, and I've seen more than a few! His whole staff is awesome! You just need to go there and witness the experience yourself!
Oscar M.
18:10 05 Mar 22
I was on vacation in Long Insland and my dental inplant came loose. Dr Bral helped me rigth away!
Fatima A.
17:56 05 Mar 22
Dr. Bral and staff are the best! Helped restore my mouth to HEALTHY again!
Cristina M.
00:53 13 Jan 22
My first visit to Dr. Bral and he is exceptionally compassionate & professional. I'm a brand new patient and he saw me on short notice in the evening. His staff is wonderful, helpful and caring.
Andrés Morales V.
06:59 29 Dec 21
My wisdom teeth were removed and a dental implant was placed where I needed it. I had a great experience. I highly recommend this place!
Tefo G.
14:37 22 Dec 21
The most state of the art Dental Office in the Long Island area. Dr. Bral uses cutting edge technology and procedures to make sure you have not only the best dental care, but the best smile you can possibly have. Seriously, I give a call to Dr. Bral and talk to their amazing staff about any concerns you are having with my teeth. You will literally see the difference in your smile and quality of life after these procedures!
23:47 21 Dec 21
I had never felt comfortable with my smile but I had not seen the dentist because of my anxiety. Until I met Dr. Bral and knew that he was the one who could perform the smile design treatment that I had always wanted.
Michelle T.
22:30 21 Dec 21
I had not been to a dentist for about 10 years and knew my teeth were in bad shape. From the moment I walked in, my feelings about my teeth were validated and Dr. Bral made me feel optimistic about the future of my teeth. He has done a phenomenal job with what we have started to repair in my mouth, and I can’t wait to finish the repairs and see the crew every 6 months for routine cleaning!
Fabian T.
22:21 21 Dec 21
I got an emergency dental issue - cracked tooth - and they adjusted their schedule to get me in. They went above and beyond by finding the oral surgeon who could extract it timely and then for me to get an implant. I really loved the service!
13:51 21 Dec 21
I had my first filling ever at this place and it was so much less painful than I had expected. I went to another dentist for the previous 10 years and it was clear that Dr. Bral took the time to care for what the previous dentist had not. I am now a loyal customer!
frowen C.
03:34 21 Dec 21
Mi hermano me recomendó el servicio con el Dr. Bral. Él es muy comprensivo, atento, y sus precios son muy módicos. No me dolieron en absoluto los implantes que me colocó.
Raul V.
18:26 26 Jul 21
Dr Bral did an implant to replace my front middle tooth and it matches perfectly!! Was painless too.Thank you!
Orlando S.
21:13 17 Jun 21
best in town
Jennifer R.
21:54 08 Jun 21
I met Dr Bral and he is so accommodating and works very well with you on services making major work affordable. I have major work that needs to b done and he is making the entire process so easy on me and totally affordable. He is also extremely friendly and the office staff is a pleasure to deal with
Lawrence Q.
16:24 21 Jul 20
If you are looking at implants. Recently I had a couple of implants installed by Dr. Bral .He was so nice and there was no pain involved. I would recommend Dr. Bral to anyone.
Jay R.
21:07 08 Jul 20
I got two implants with Dr. Bral, they feel amazing and changed my life. Highly recommended, easy experience!
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